6 Chilling Facts About La Pascualita – The Corpse Bride

The Love of the French Magician

#6 The Love of the French Magician

Then there was the birth of a local legend in which, a French magician visiting Spain, saw the mannequin and was so enchanted that every night, he would come and bring the mannequin to life.

What followed next was a dance session followed by a trip around the town. The magician would then return the mannequin to the storefront every morning!

Irrespective of the truth, La Pascualita is a local legend. Yes, it is improbable that the Mexican heat will allow such preservation for even a decade, let alone a near-century of lifelike perpetuation.

True or not, the legend of La Pascualita is good for business, and the present owner of the store knows that!

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