5 Horrifying Animal Experiments that Took Place in the Last 100 Years

The 1930s: The Lazarus Project

The 1930s: The Lazarus Project

American biologist Robert E. Cornish had suddenly become interested in reviving the dead. In 1933 he tried to revive those who died of electrocution, drowning, and heart attack. He used a see-saw or a teeterboard that rocked the body of the dead.

This allowed the blood to flow in the body. Cornish administered a concoction of anticoagulants and adrenaline into the blood. Of course, he failed to get any of those humans back from the dead, but he succeeded with two dogs!

He tried his experiment on four dogs, all of which were named Lazarus. He couldn’t revive Lazarus 1 and 2 but managed to bring back Lazarus 3 and 4. The reanimated dogs were blinded and severely brain-damaged, and had to be clinically put to sleep.

The experiments made him infamous, and he was kicked out of the University of California.

He wanted to retry the experiment on humans and almost had a willing volunteer. The volunteer was a death row inmate who wanted to be resurrected after he was put to death.

Permission was denied, and Cornish spent the rest of his life selling toothpaste to the living!

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