30 Unreal Discoveries Unearthed By Ordinary People

Childeric’s Treasure from 482 A.D.

#29 Childeric’s Treasure from 482 A.D.

A labourer named Adrien Quinquin is to be credited for this discovery. This happened in 1653 while he was digging an area of the church Saint-Brice premise in Tournai. And guess what? Instead of unearthing dirt, gravel & stones, he stumbled upon gold!

He found gold coins, a bull’s head, swords, buckles, garnets, a torch, some accessories, and 300 gold bees. The bees have an interesting story. It has wings made of red glass and is thought to have ornamented to resemble Childeric’s ceremonial cloak. Childeric I ruled the Salian Franks as a king from 457 till 482 A.D.

That must have been one hell of a diggin’ job!

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