25 Strangest Deaths In History That Don’t Make Sense

Laugh Out Loud: Martin Of Aragon (31 May 1410)

#18 Laugh Out Loud: Martin Of Aragon (31 May 1410)

Martin the Humane, also known as The Elder, was King of Aragon and Sicily among other territories. The end of his rule also marked the end of his House’s reign as he failed to fix the accession of the throne for his illegitimate grandson.

The King died from a combination of indigestion and uncontrollable laughing. His obesity was also said to play a part, but it is known that the indigestion was a result of a tradition where he was to eat an entire goose.

When his favorite jester, Borra, entered his bedroom, King Martin asked him about his whereabouts; the Jester replied, “Out of the next vineyard, where I saw a young deer hanging by his tail from a tree as if someone had so punished him for stealing figs.”

Apparently this joke caused the king to laugh so much, amid his indigestion, that he died from laughter.

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