25 Strangest Deaths In History That Don’t Make Sense

Divine Judgment: Charles II Of Navarre (1 January 1367)

#19 Divine Judgment: Charles II Of Navarre (1 January 1367)

Charles II of Navarre, dubbed “Charles the Bad” was King of Navarre and court and owner of lands in Normandy. He infamously had a deep hand in the Hundred Years’ War in which he toyed with France and England’s loyalty to push his own agenda forward.

His death, at the age of 54 in Pamplona, was significant news all over Europe, so much so that moralists and illustrators took to dissect and journalize it.

A contemporary chronicler recalls that Charles II, whilst suffering from ailments in his old age, was instructed by his doctor to be fastened into a sheet of linen doused in refined spirits.

It is unclear how everything began but the inflammable sheet was accidentally set ablaze and KingCharles later died of injuries he sustained. It is widely said that his dreadful death was God’s judgment upon him.

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