25 Strangest Deaths In History That Don’t Make Sense

Jockey’s Last Race: Frank Hayes (4 June 1923)

#13 Jockey’s Last Race: Frank Hayes (4 June 1923)

Merely a jockey, Frank Hayes, was a 22-year-old horse trainer and stableman from the small community of Elmont, New York. He is the only jockey known to have won a race after death.

Whilst atop Sweet Kiss, his racehorse, Hayes had suffered a heart attack. The aftermath revealed that a combination of his extreme weight loss, as well as the intense excitement of leading the race by a head overwhelmed him.

Thus, he came to his demise in the middle of the race, it was only when he was approached by spectators, after the race, that his death was disclosed. He is remembered as “The Only Man to Win a Horse Race.”

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