25 Strangest Deaths In History That Don’t Make Sense

Untouchable: Sunanda Kumariratana (31 May 1880)

#15 Untouchable: Sunanda Kumariratana (31 May 1880)

The Queen consort of Siam (now Thailand), Sunanda Kumariratana, and her unborn daughter drowned in an unfortunate boat collision. Their royal boat came into contact with the steamboat Marawan while en route to the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace.

The myth that still stands to this day is the one that claims the large group of witnesses at the accident did not dare to touch the queen, as it was considered a capital offense; therefore no one saved her.

However, the King’s chronicles record otherwise; many boatmen got into the water to retrieve the Queen as she was entangled in curtains. After retrieving her body, attempts to resuscitate her failed and she was pronounced dead at the age of 19.

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