25 Strangest Deaths In History That Don’t Make Sense

Knife-Swallowing: John Cummings (March 1809)

#16 Knife-Swallowing: John Cummings (March 1809)

Seaman John Cummings was enthralled after watching a circus performance in which the circus performer did a knife-swallowing trick. Filled with inspiration, he took to performing the act himself. On the first out of three tries, he ingested four knives and expelled three without any ailment.

During the succeeding try, he bolted down fourteen knives, and some days after he expelled them all, with the exception of abdominal pain. In the third instance, he ingested twenty knives along with a case, but a few days later he passed the case alone.

After enduring roughly four years of pain and discomfort, he died. An autopsy revealed a spring and the blade of a knife were all that was found in his intestines, and somewhere around thirty to forty fragments of wood, horn and metal were found in the contents of his stomach.

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