25 Strangest Deaths In History That Don’t Make Sense

For as long as we have existed the concept of death has stood the test of time; each man under the sun fearing it. In our current age of global connection and communication, the death of anyone; a relative, friend, or celebrity, can be known within an instant.

While how you entered the world and what you did in it matters, the manner in which you leave it should be taken into consideration as well. Historians in various universities are teaming up to investigate the variety of ways people met their demise in ancient times all the way to the present day.

Even though it is interesting, some of the noted findings show the danger in seemingly day-to-day activities, whilst showing the blatant randomness that fatality has when choosing its next subject.

Who would’ve thought that a storage tank, in a quaint part of Boston, Massachusetts, full of gallons of molasses would explode and kill 21 people in what has been marked down in history as; The Great Molasses Flood of 1919.

Occurrences like that of Henry Taylor, a pallbearer in 19th century England, who met his demise after tripping over a stone whilst carrying a coffin raise eyebrows even today because they are so surreal.

The following are 25 deaths that have been recorded by historians but have been selected due to their downright absurdity. Some will leave you confused while others disgust, shock, and horror.

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