25 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

Burial Site at Sunghir

22. Burial Site at Sunghir

The Paleolithic burial site of Sunghir can be found on the North-East outskirts of Vladimir, Russia, nearly 200 kilometers from what is today known as Moscow.

The skeletons here date back to almost 35,000 years ago, and the strangest part is that each body was buried in a different manner, with a variety of different items placed by their side.

An example would be the skeletons of two disabled children, aged roughly 10 and 12 years old who was buried head to head.

They were buried along with thousands of mammoth ivory beads, pierced fox canines, ivory armbands, spears, and ochre.

It’s strange because many of the adults were buried quite simply and unceremoniously.

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